Mosaic Mercantile Gallery of Mosaics

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Yulia Hanansen
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Aurora Mahassine
San Francisco, California

Laurel Skye
Arcata, California

Peter Veres
San Francisco, California

© 13 March 2004 Mosaic Mercantile  |  San Francisco USA  |

About the mosaic artists selected for the gallery

Mosaic Mercantile is proud to sponsor our Mosaic Art Gallery. Each show will feature mosaics by some of the most creative professional mosaic artists currently working. This work represents just a small sampling of the many fine mosaic artists we have come to know and respect over the past few years. The goal of this gallery is to showcase a variety of styles and approaches to mosaics as a way of illustrating the inherent range in the mosaic medium. In recent years, there has been a surge of popularity and creative energy in the mosaic arts. This gallery will attempt to keep up with, document and profile the most adventurous, creative and inspiring mosaic artists while at the same time being respectful of the traditional side of this most traditional of art forms. In the coming months and years, the gallery plans to continually add to it's collection of mosaics and mosaic artists.

The opening show was curated by Laura Trussell and Josh Gentry. If you wish to find out more about any of the mosaic art work shown in the gallery, feel free to contact us at the Mosaic Mercantile offices in San Francisco. If you have suggestions for mosaic artists we should be aware of, please let us know. Thank you for your interest and support.